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Vesuvius volcano

Vesuvius volcano

Mount Vesuvius is a rare example of a "fence volcano": the cone is surrounded by a much older crater which had a circumference about 11 km long. In the Eocene the mountain was an island surrounded by the sea, only in the Pliocene it was welded to the mainland and it is estimated that then it reached the height of 2300 meters...
Vesuvius and Art

Vesuvius and Art

Painters, watercolors and engravers of almost every era, trend and nationality have variously interpreted it; among these Italians, French, English, Germans, Austrians, Russians and Danes inspired by the most disparate artistic genres and movements, called "picturesque", "sublime", "heroic", "romantic", "catastrophic", "horrifying" .. .
Risk of new eruptions

Risk of new eruptions

Vesuvius is among the most studied and controlled volcanoes in the world, if one day the magma were to escape it is almost impossible that the eruption cannot be predicted in advance. Today the main duct is blocked by the magma which cooled after the eruption of 1944, scientists are defining precisely where the magma chamber is located which is gradually filling up with lava and gas.

Vesuvio Tickets

Vesuvio Tickets

Once arrived at the top, shows the voucher on your phone to the ticket.
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Wine Tasting on the Vesuvius

Vini Vesuvio

Sample Lacryma Christi, a famous wine from the region. Take a walk through the gorgeous vineyards and unbutton your jeans for a filling sit-down lunch featuring local products, from salami to cheeses, delicious organic tomato pasta and even a traditional sweetened ricotta dessert.

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